Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Anna's Birthday Festivities (9/21)

The Long Party of Five

The Cake

The Snow White Party at the Columbia Marionette Theatre

Anna and Anna - best buddies - and The Bike. (Disney Princess Pink, of course.)

We woke Anna up singing Happy Birthday and giving her a new birthday outfit to wear to school. Then she came downstairs and saw her Happy Birthday banner - which was a HUGE hit - she felt sooooo special! (Thanks so much Kathy for the idea and template!) She was so surprised and literally stopped in her tracks to look up and read and say 'Mommy! It says Happy Birthday Anna!'

We celebrated Anna's birthday at school with a little cupcake party. Poor thing, she had been sound asleep during nap time and had been brutally awakened for her party... she was so sleepy she didn't even eat her cupcake with the big pink flower on it.

Anna and Jacob blowing out birthday cupcake candles, Tinkerbell and Transformers, respectively.

Anna and Jacob share their birthday celebrations at school - Jacob's birthday is September 19 and Anna's is the 21st - so it's always easier to share cupcakes and have a celebration on one day. These two have been pals since they were infants in the baby room - literally propped up next to each other in boppy pillows, unable to sit up or hold their heads up. It's been fun to see them grow and their friendship blossom over the years.

We had a fun family dinner at our favorite birthday restaurant, Red Robin. Juggling three kids is a challenge, but we're doing it - and managed to get all three fed (Jack ate squash and rice cereal) and in and out of the restaurant without spilling anything or squealing too loudly...

The entire dinner Anna kept asking us 'when are they going to come out and sing to me?' We kept telling her 'I don't know - maybe they won't be able to - it's pretty busy for a Monday night.' You can see the awe in her eyes when they actually came out with that big ice cream sundae to sing a rousing, clapping round of Red Robin style Happy Birthday.

I love this picture of Anna and James - this is that typical grin we get from mischevious James when he's being naughty. I think I'd just told him for the 12th time to keep his finger out of his nose - yes, that little pointer finger he's holding up....

Anna lovingly shared her sundae with her little brother - Mommy had to spoon it into his mouth (as I didn't trust him with chocolate sauce and a white shirt...)

After dinner we came home to open presents from Mommy, Daddy, James, and Jack. (The pictures are a little unclear as I was juggling fussy/sleepy Jack while trying to take pictures. Anna is holding up a set of fairy paper dolls that came with a little stage that folds out - sure to bring hours of enjoyment.

Remember when you first had kids and everyone told you don't worry about the gift - the kids are more fascinated with the boxes? James quickly discovered the lid of the fairy paper doll box had a see-through lid.... and in doing so found his new toy for the rest of the evening....

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