Monday, December 20, 2010

Pre-school Performance

Want a sneak peek at what James will look like in 50 or so years? 

James Donald Long.  A.K.A. - Little Old Man.

I love this time of year - and all of the little school performances the kids' classes put on.  This year it was James' turn to shine.  He was cast as the Little Old Man in his class play "The Gingerbread Girl."  It was hysterical.  He did such a good job with his lines - said them loudly and clearly - and you might just be able to hear him on the video - if it weren't for me cackling and giggling the entire time - as he was so cute I couldn't help myself!

The story goes that the Little Old Woman and Little Old Man decide to 'bake again' after their first-baked child (the gingerbread boy) is eaten by a fox.   
The teacher narrated the story, and the children acted it out.  It was remarkably good - especially for a bunch of three and four year olds. 
I love that the teachers take the time and go way above and beyond the call of duty to have the kids put on plays and have parties.
James and Ms. Sam
Following the performance the cast and family members were treated to a class party - James' teachers know how to throw a party!  There was food and goodies galore - and each child was sent home with a sweet gingerbread ornament that they had made to hang on the tree to remember their special Christmas performance. 

James and Ms. Niko
I love the Children's Center - and both Deonne and I feel it has been worth every penny we've shelled out and every sacrifice we've made for our children's care.  Not only are they teaching our kids wonderful things, and preparing them for elementary school (which is why, in part, I think Anna is excelling at the rate she is in kindergarten) but they truly love our children.  Ms. Niko and Ms. Sam taught Anna - and we couldn't wait for them to be James' teachers.  We are so blessed to have them our little boy's teachers - to provide him with the loving care that I can't give him on a day-to-day basis as a working mom.

And as you can see from the above photo - he adores his teachers.

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