Monday, December 13, 2010

The Party Meets Santa

Saturday night was the Party's annual trip to the Lights Before Christmas at Riverbanks Zoo.  And the first stop of the evening was to meet up with Santa (in James' case - to make one last plea that he'd been good.)   
He couldn't wait to sit on Santa's lap and tell him all about Happy (the Elf) and how he was really (weally) trying to be a good boy.  So endearing.
Anna balked - she's still carrying her childhood scar from seeing this Santa several years ago when he freaked the ever loving daylights out of her by pulling a Hershey's kiss out of her ear.  She bravely walked up to him - after turning around and saying/asking that Santa really just pretends to pull candy out her ear...right?

After reassuring her, she finally approached Santa - but refused to sit on his lap.  And Jack?  He was not interested in least in seeing the Big Man - which is funny to me because when they spent an hour with Santa during their annual visit with Grookett Photography - he had no issue. 

And then we walked around the zoo and looked at all of the lights - took a ride on the endangered species carousel, and tried our best to see the animals (the majority of whom were sleeping or tucked away for the night.)

And it would be lovely to end the story there - but the reality is - I turned into some version of 'Mommy Dearest' about half-way through the visit.  I was just tired of Anna and James both wandering off (or running off in the case of James.)  I know they were excited.  I know the lights were amazing. 

But it was dark.  The Christmas music was blaring loud.  And there were loads of people - seeing as it was the first night in about a week with temperatures above freezing.  And by the time Anna wandered off again (after I'd JUST told her to stay by my side) and was so far ahead that she got caught up with another family of about our size, and took off with them by mistake - well, I lost my cool.

Which resulted in me taking the stroller (Jack was in Deonne's arms) and heading to the front entrance of the zoo while Deonne continued strolling along with the other two.  

Not one of my proudest moments as a mom - thankfully they have a Daddy with the patience of Job.

But not all was lost, we drove around town a bit so the kids could see the lights of the city as we headed for home - James protesting the entire way that he didn't want to go home - and he was NOT tired.

He was the first one to get quiet - his last words being something along the lines of how much he didn't want to get home.

Jack was the second to drop off - shortly before we arrived home. 

And tucked them all into bed - their sweet little faces like angels.  Making me wonder how in the world I could ever lose my temper with them.

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