Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas With The Party

A few boards with some of the sights of our home this holiday season...  our annual 2010 Christmas Ornament, and some favorites from our "live" Christmas tree...

The ornaments that are the most dear and precious to my heart - the ones the kids make every year - that adorn our "family" Christmas tree that goes up the day after Thanksgiving in our den.  (Thankfully this one is artificial - so I don't have to worry about needles falling out - only the cats who seem to think its their own personal chew toy...)

And our annual "pizelle" making day.  The day I commit to staying by a hot pizelle iron for at least two hours to complete these delicate but oh so loved Christmas treats.  This year Anna sat by my side (for most of it - until she bored and decided to read books to Jack).  I entertained her by telling her about the first time I made these cookies with my own Nonna.  The day she and I sat for hours at her kitchen table and she entrusted me to the batter, the oil, and the hot iron.

She and I wiled away the afternoon, making pizelles, while she told me stories of how she met my grandfather, what their wedding was like, how she came to know the 'secret' recipe for making these treats.  It was later that day that she pulled her wedding gown out from the bottom drawer of her dresser, wrapped in a thick heavy canvas blue cloth.

I remember running my fingers over the heavy satin, smelling the musty smell that mixed in with the scents of pizelle batter frying in the iron, and thinking what a special moment it was - one I hoped I'd never forget.

And I haven't.

But that was a side note of another story - pizelle day at our house was fun indeed... and Jack got to taste his first cookie (remember last year we were barely able to get him to swallow baby food) - that he savored and gobbled up - and kept coming 'round, little fat fingers outstretched saying "mo cookeeee."  How could I say no to that?
And then I caught him in the kitchen sink - standing on the chair one of the older kids had pulled over to the counter to 'help' me mix sugar cookie dough batter on. 

Little stinker.  Sneaky, silly, grinning stinker.

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