Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas 2010 - The Year of The Leaning Christmas Tree

I've come a long way.  There was a point in time when something like a Christmas tree that is clearly off kilter would bother me to the essence of my being.  I suppose because I'm just wired that way.  I've been described as anal, particular, uptight, and on more than one occasion, OCD. And I probably am.  I admit that I like things clean, put away, and in many cases 'just so.'

I think I may have watched too much Martha Stewart as a new bride.

But I've come a long way, oh yes, I have.

Three kids who can only be described as tornados of destruction have taken their toll, and I'm either worn down or fed up or very possibly just plain tired - I'm not entirely sure which.

So when it became clear late in the night that our Christmas tree was clearly leaning - and the only way to secure it from falling over was to either A) take the lights back off, take it outside, and let Deonne have his way with it with a chainsaw and a pair of pruning shears or B) turn it so the side with the gaping hole faced the corner, prop it up in the stand so it's secure, and pretend its not horribly leaning - I chose B.

In another lifetime - I would have chosen A.  I would have made Deonne trim and shave and prune the tree to perfection.

This year?  I'm just glad the stupid thing has lights on it and is finally decorated.  (It's been sitting in its stand - leaning - for the better part of the last week.)

I try to pretend it's really not that bad.  I arranged ornaments and the bow under the angel to make it appear it is straight - at least in one direction.

It's not working.

Anna stepped back after hanging the last crystal icicle and exclaimed "Mommy!  The tree is leaning!"

Yeah - but it's not going anywhere - so there.

So I've come a long way.  The tree is up.  It is trimmed.  The possibility does seem to exist that it may fall over at some point in the next few weeks.  And it lists terribly to the right.  But it's still a pretty tree.


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