Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Grown Up Conversation

As part of our holiday party circuit, Deonne and I attended a dinner party last Saturday night with some good friends. We hadn't been out with just grown-ups in a very very long time (so long, in fact, that I'm embarrassed to say.)  It's not for lack of want or desire, rather lack of time with the ever growing list of kids activities and lack of baby sitters.  We have a few sitters who are wonderful, don't get me wrong, but they come at a premium for three children as young as ours - so many times we opt to either divide and conquer with one of us attending or look for gatherings where our herd of little ones is welcome.

It was so incredibly nice to get out - and such a good time.  We had the pleasure of dining with some friends who we knew (sort of), some we didn't know at all, and of course, the gracious host and hostess.  The feast was bountiful, the drinks flowing, and laughter rang throughout.  We ate, drank, and made merry until late in the night (well, late for us - arriving home just before 11pm was a big night for us old folks.)

And the kids had a great time as well, playing with their adopted grandma "Ms. Rebecca," reading stories, and watching Christmas movies.

Deonne and I realized that we need to make more time for things like this - to preserve our sanity as well as connect as grown-ups, friends, and a married couple.  I hope for more adult evenings, and maybe even a date night (?) or two in the New Year.

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