Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Party Planning Time

It's hard to type out this sentence - because my heart just can't grasp the concept. Anna is going to be six this month.


I'm so incredibly nostalgic - I miss the sweet smocked dresses, the big hair bows, the little patent leather Mary Jane shoes, the 'scribble-scrabble' art projects she would proudly create ... yet, strangely, incredibly proud. I love her funky style, her 'interesting' hair-do's that she insists on doing herself, and her detailed drawings that she brings to me that I still can't believe are hers.

But my mommy-melt-down is the topic of another post - this one is supposed to be about the plans we're setting in place for her big sixth birthday party!

Because of the ongoing internal family drama (that I still can't disclose yet - so don't ask) - I've hesitated on planning her party. I finally came to the conclusion that my OCD self can't not have plans in place - so I started tossing ideas around last Friday. Yes, you read that right - I started planning a party only a few weeks in advance - certainly not my typical three-month-out sort of planning.

But I digress.

So. Turns out the Children's Theatre is putting on a production of what looks like an awesome show the weekends surrounding her birthday:

And I'm t-total thrilled.

We LOVE the Children's Theater - the productions have always been great - it's close to the house, relatively inexpensive, and the kids adore the performances. They're definitely geared for kids - but have enough humor hidden in them that the adults enjoy the shows as well.

AND - I'm not ashamed to admit - I Heart Schoolhouse Rock. I used to look forward to it on Saturday mornings between cartoons - and fully disclose that Schoolhouse Rock is how I learned the basics - from how a bill becomes a law to the rules of grammar. (Grammar written on this blog notwithstanding.)

So the stars aligned - when I called up to the theatre they had a birthday spot open on the Saturday show I was looking at - and we're all booked.

So Anna will get to see the show with 14 of her closest buddies, will have her name mentioned at some point during the show, will have her own personal meet-and-greet with the cast following the performance (they'll help serenade her with Happy Birthday), and pictures on the stage to wrap everything up.

And for myself? Well, that's the best part. I get to come up with all sorts of creative touches taking ideas from the show - like a lollipop tree labeled as "Lolly, Lolly, Lolly Get Your Adverbs Here" - and each lollipop will have a sticker with a different adverb on it.

And cute cupcake toppers and banners with phrases from the songs.

I'm so excited - I can't wait.

Pictures to follow.

Of course.

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