Thursday, September 23, 2010

Happy Birthday Festivities

We celebrated Anna's birthday evening as a family of five at our favorite birthday venue - Red Robin.  There's just something about a big fat burger, fries, lemonade, and a hot fudge sundae that screams birthday fun for our family.

That, and the rousing singing of Happy Birthday by the wait-staff that the kids look forward to with anticipation. 

Even Jack enjoyed himself - and the big news about this - he actually ate an entire meal that was without baby food!  That is a HUGE step for him - and I think he's finally turning the corner on his eating issues - gobbling up the bites of cheeseburger we gave him while reaching for more french fries.

Anna enjoyed her dinner and her treat - but truth be told - was so tired out from the events of her day at school - she was kind of droopy and not too interested in it all.  And who can blame her - after being on film all day and on her best behavior.....

But she did rally her energy when we arrived home - in time to open her presents from mommy, daddy, James, and Jack.  The 'big' gift this year - the American Girl Kit Kittredge doll that she'd had her eye on for quite sometime.  She was very surprised to see it when she opened that last gift - and couldn't wait to take it out of the box.

She's been carrying Kit around with her ever since. 

Other gifts included a puzzle, some games, and books - the Ramona and Beezes boxed set - that I can't wait to begin to read to her.  I loved reading the escapades of Ramona when I was Anna's age - and was even named "Ramona the Pest" by my dad - as one of my umpteen nicknames.

It was a fun evening, and a sweet ending to another birthday for Anna.  

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