Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Product Review

I'm the first to admit that I like to be organized. I like to make lists, cross them off, know what is coming - and when.
So it completely surprised me when Anna started kindergarten and James started his official pre-school program how completely disorganized I'd become. I didn't fully anticipate the volumes of paper that would come home each night, the amount of homework (no matter how small the task might be) that each child would either be required or encouraged to complete, or the number of days each week that rapidly filled up with activities.
I tried to be all high-tech-y and use my ipod touch to enter everything. And Outlook on my computer (seeing as I sit in front of this screen all day long.) But no system I had in place seemed to work.
Lots of things started to slip through the cracks - from phone calls I thought I'd returned for work to after school meetings I barely remembered to attend in time to James' simple homework task of bringing in three pictures from a magazine of things that start with the letter M.
Enter the momagenda.

I'd seen reference to this little beauty on a number of 'mommy blogs' and how wonderful it was at keeping life organized. I thought, sure, it's just another planner that I'll never fill out and forget to use. What makes this one so great?

Well, in a manner that can be described as pure desperation only - I ordered it. And I'm oh so glad I did.

It is a regular planner - and then some. I guess I'm "old school" in that I like to write things down (reference my OCD tendencies) and make that connection from my brain to my hand to the paper. I like having actual pages to flip rather than electronic screen to scroll through.

And this planner meets all my OCD needs. Each week is broken out over a two page span - and there is a dedicated space for mommy, and three additional kids. That means, I can write down in James' line when he has homework due (like bringing in two leaves and identifying them for tomorrow.)

I can enter when Anna has tap class, ballet class, and when her homework projects are due.

I can fill in the lines with family activities - like church dinners and programming - birthday parties and local festivities.

I can add in work commitments, book club, and church events.

AND - there's even a line at the bottom of each page where you can plan out your weekly dinners - something I regularly do - that I like to make note of - so that when I hit the door with the kids at 5:00 - I know exactly what I'm making for dinner and there's none of the wandering around, rummaging through the freezer and cupboards trying to find something to throw together.

Another great feature? There's an insert in the back where you can record all of your important stuff - and I mean ALL of your important stuff - like insurance information, car information, doctors, specialists, manicurists (yeah, right - as if I had a manicurist!), websites you reference, passwords, anything you might need to have is in ONE PLACE.


It really is that cool.

So any of you mommies out there who are struggling with organization - I highly recommend this little guy.

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