Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I Heart NBC News

For those of you who know me - you know that I love NBC news.  I've watched them for so long that Matt, Lester, Al, and Ann (and even Meredith after Katie abdicated for CBS) are like old friends.  I start my day with them on the Today show - and when time allows and kids aren't climbing my legs - see the events of the day on the evening news.

So when I learned that NBC news was coming to Forest Lake (Anna's elementary school) to highlight the school for a segment during next week's Education Nation series - I was excited.  I didn't know who was coming or what they would be filming - but I was happy to learn that Anna's school was one of I think six selected across the country to be highlighted.

That's a pretty big deal.  And some very positive PR for their school.

We signed the required permission forms to allow our child to be filmed (should the opportunity arise) and heard from the teachers what day NBC would actually be at the school.

So we dropped Anna off at school yesterday (her birthday) and  shuffled her out of the van with her box of cupcakes and bag of snacks for her classroom - and I said 'maybe you'll be at the right place at the right time and get to be on TV.'

Turns out - not only was she in the right place at the right time - but apparently the camera crew loved her. 

And not only did she get to meet Lester Holt in person - but she got to spend a lot of one-on-one time with him - reading him the story she authored on Amelia Earhart (her project story about a hero) - playing computer games with him - shepherding him around her classroom as the official class ambassador - and basically charming the pants off him.

When Deonne and I arrived to pick her up yesterday from after care (two brothers in tow) the first thing the teacher who runs the program said to me was 'your daughter - she's been on cloud nine all day.'

I asked 'oh, because it's her birthday?'

'No.  Because she spent half the day hanging out with LESTER HOLT.'

So the story goes - that as class ambassador - she was asked to be on the school's morning news show - something they film each morning and broadcast to each of the classrooms on the room smart boards.  The production crew who were taping the kids as they filmed their show - zoned in on little Anna - then went and found Lester - told him he had to meet this cute little girl with a big red bow - took him back to where they were filming - and had the kids do it all over again so he could see it first hand.  Then Lester ended up spending time a good bit of time with Anna.

I asked her - so did you just sit and talk to Mr. Holt - just the two of you?  She said 'no Mommy, there were two other guys there - with big cameras - and a big furry looking thing they held over my head.'  I explained that was the microphone.

'So what did you two talk about?'

'Well, we read my book together - he helped me with some of the words - because I was nervous and forgot - and I told him my Mommy helped me write it.  And then we played games on the computer.  And then I showed him around my classroom.'

No big deal to her - she's very nonchalant about the whole thing.

I, however, almost peed my pants.  It was LESTER FREAKING HOLT!

I double-heart Lester Holt.

He's the bomb.

So anyway, who knows if her charming interview will actually make it to the national nightly news show - if it does - you'd better believe I'll be posting about that as well.  I've heard rumors that Forest Lake's segment is supposed to run on Thursday's news.  We'll see.

I'm just thrilled, and proud, and yeah - a little bit jealous - that my child, my sweet Anna, was able to meet such a cool dude.

Maybe someday she'll realize what a big deal it was.

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  1. I graduated in 1970 from Forest Lake so I can appreciate your excitement!

    Becky Pittman
    Spartanburg SC