Friday, September 24, 2010

The Devil is in the Details

The Details:

Lollipop tree - each lollipop had a different adverb listed on it
Drinks - kids had their choice of milk OR juice, and water
Sugar Cookies - complete sets of the alphabet in each of the colors of her party - red, blue, and yellow - and two sets of numbers - red and blue (I ran out of dough to make a yellow set...)

Cupcakes - the second attempt at cupcakes - with handmade cupcake toppers that included various phrases from Schoolhouse Rock - like INTERJECTIONS: Hey - Anna's having a birthday, Conjunction Junction - What's Your Function, and of course, the number 6
Handmade Invitations - made by yours truly
Anna's "yearly banner" that included pictures of her through the years - from newborn up until age six - alternating with the letters of her name
Goody Bags - going with the theme of the party, each child received a bag of school supplies (which was a great deal - all of the school supplies were on clearance when we purchased them.)  So each bag included a package of 24-count crayons, a pencil, a wooden ruler, calculator, set of flash cards (thank you Target Dollar Spot), a glue stick, and a pair of scissors.
Drink Cups - included words from the song in Schoolhouse Rock about the benefits of drinking milk (and a super sweet paper straw - love the straw.)

Close up picture of the sugar cookies - and the basket - I tried to come up with tags that matched the food item with words from the song.  Not pictured were apple slices (Please enjoy a piece of apple - with apple highlighted as a noun), pretzels (They all shared their pretzels - with they highlighted as a pronoun,) and cheese balls (Anna crunched her cheese balls - with crunched highlighted as a predicate.)
Anna's second birthday banner (just the words spelling out Happy Birthday Anna - with images from Schoolhouse Rock added in)
The Pencil Cake - at the last minute I decided to make a cake for Anna to have to blow out her candles on - which turned out okay - I used a cake board and drew lines on it to make it look like notebook paper - all the idea of the Family Fun website.
Each child also took home a bag of candy - I used the words from the #6 Schoolhouse Rock song - about 'goin to the candy store - and yes, I counted out each set of six types of candies - including the six red, white, and blue m&ms...

Oh, it was such a fun party to plan - and I can't wait to start the next one!  Unfortunately I have to wait until February for the next Party child's birthday - but the wheels are already a-spinning....

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  1. The party turned out so cute Kristen!! You did an amazing job. And your cake was really cute! Isn't Family Fun a great website?

    Hope you are doing well!