Tuesday, August 31, 2010

James' First Day!

James is a Koala Bear!

Our little boy is now fully immersed in the Koala Bear classroom at the Children's Center - technically the 4 year old classroom (even though he doesn't turn four until February.)
It's a big deal for our little man - he's finally the eldest Long at the Children's Center - so he's no longer in his sister's shadow.

When he plays on the playground - he plays with his own friends - not what Anna wants him to do - and he rejoices in being the first one dropped off.

We love, love, love the teachers in this classroom - Ms. Tyniko and Ms. Sam are some of the best teachers in the Center - and we couldn't wait for James to be in their class.

In the few weeks since he's been a Koala - his writing skills have really progressed - and he is very close to being able to write his name (except for that pesky "s" that's giving him trouble.)

Like the rain boots in the above photo? I picked them up for him at Target a few weeks ago. We've had to pry them off his feet ever since. Literally.

Signing his name in the class journal for the first time ... with a little help from his little personal mini-me, Jack.

Oh my sweet baby James - where has the time gone? You are going to learn so much this year - what an exciting year for you!

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