Tuesday, August 3, 2010

15 Month Stats

I fear I've already forgotten some of the more important numbers that were revealed during Jack's 15-month well check up. As in - I can't remember for the life of me how much he weighs, how long he is, or how large his melon-head circumference is. Because I was clearly not paying close enough attention during the whole weighing or measuring episode (note: I was trying to keep him from nose-diving off the baby scale and I was trying to hold him still on the exam table while the nurse stretched his chubby legs out.) But I did seem to misplace that all important piece of paper that has his actual measurements on it. So there you go. I'm mommy of the year...

I did, however, manage to remember his impressive percentages - probably because he's actually a big boy - and much larger than his elder siblings could ever hope to be. As in, he's 95% for height (both Anna and James hover around 30%) and 50% for weight. Cool. Is it sad that I was a proud mommy when the pediatrician commented that he's "long and lean - just how I like 'em"?

So he's growing and reaching all prescribed developmental milestones with ease - all, that is - except one.


Not that my boy doesn't like to eat. (Note height and weight percentages above.) He does, however, still have issue with swallowing.

He's tried different foods over the last six months or so - those typical first baby foods such as bananas, green beans, cooked carrots - as well as the foods we eat as a family - pasta, mashed potatoes, meat loaf - heck, we've even given him french fries - all with the same result.

Gagging. Followed by more gagging. Followed by puking.

We saw the pediatrician a month or so about it - a sort of mid-cycle well check up - because we were very concerned. I dare to say we're somewhat experienced parents - have been there and done that with most common and typical childhood ailments - but had no idea of how to deal with a gagging puking kid at every meal.

He noted the concern, said to give him a little bit more time, and to keep trying to give him solid foods. (As opposed to the FOUR STINKIN' JARS of baby food he requires to satisfy his belly at EVERY MEAL.)

We tried. He tried. He either gagged and puked - or blatantly refused. And who can blame him? I'd be pissed off too if every time I tried to eat something with texture or thicker than pureed baby food I choked and threw up.

So at our well check up - we discussed the progress (or lack thereof) and agreed it's time for intervention. A referral is being made to a speech therapist - to assess if there is a medical problem that we need to be made aware of - as well as teach us as parents how to help him overcome his texture issues.

Sounds like fun, right?

But all in all, we're extremely blessed to have such a healthy, sweet, charming baby boy. Yeah, I know, he's not a baby anymore - he's a toddler - but he's my last child and will always be my baby.

He's a lover and a grinner - and as happy as can be.

And I can't wait for him to be able to enjoy the wonderful world of food and tastes that is out there to explore.

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