Thursday, July 22, 2010

Our Own Family Circus

We had our own version of the Family Circus comic strip this morning.

Deonne left in the wee hours of the morning to go out of town, meaning I had all three Longs, and all their love, to get ready for the day. Which can be dicey - depending on their moods - if Anna decides to cooperate and brush her teeth rather than primp and preen in the bathroom mirror, if James will sit and eat his breakfast choice rather than complaining that he wants something else, or if Jack will be content to wander and play rather than whine incessantly to be picked up and carried around.

Somehow, all three of the Party kids must have sensed that Mommy needed them to be cooperative - and all three completed their assigned tasks - without too much of a struggle.

However, there was one incident...

I was drying my hair in our bathroom - keeping one eye on the bathroom door - and trying my best to listen for any screeching or squallering from the kids.

Half-way through blowdrying my hair - James comes running in, Anna on his heels - screaming "MOMMY! Come look what Jack did!"

I dropped the hair dryer - ran out into our bedroom and into the hall - following Anna and James - who stopped on the landing and stood in horror at Jack.

Little Jack.

Who had happily wandered into the kids bathroom - grabbed the end of the toilet paper roll - and proceeded to walk all around the kids bedrooms, through their closets, around James' train table, in and under the chairs in Anna's bedroom, around the hall table - dragging his tail of toilet paper along with him.

He was standing there - in a wad of toilet paper - grinning from ear to ear.

Welcome to the Long Family Circus.

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