Thursday, July 1, 2010

2010 NCAA Baseball Champs

The Party witnessed history-in-the-making last night - as we participated in the Homecoming Celebration for the Carolina Gamecocks Baseball Team. It's a really big deal 'round these parts. This is the first NCAA national championship title Carolina has won in baseball. Ever.

As a true Gamecock fan, I've come to appreciate the saying "there's always next year" when it comes to Carolina sports - because no matter how hard our athletes try - they never seem to make it to the finish line - always fall short of that golden prize.

But you'd never know that by the fan base - fans here are, well, fanatical - they LOVE their Gamecocks, no matter the outcome of the sport, season, or particular game.

And that was evidenced last night - but the 15,000+ screaming fans who packed into the Colonial Center to welcome their team home.

We were there - Deonne wouldn't have missed this for the world - and we hauled the kids there, right along with us. (And I say 'hauled' for a reason, we ended up parking what felt like miles away in the sweltering humidity - and then up to the tippy-top of the upper deck of the coliseum - as that is the only section where seats were still available.) The kids didn't really know what to think about the whole thing - oh, they loved putting on their Gamecock clothes and being there - but didn't quite understand what we were doing there. And the fact that the team was late landing from Omaha (delaying the program) didn't help matters...

But they had fun....

Jack liked to clap to the beat of the music - wiggling and dancing in Deonne's arms....

...while James thought the entire thing was too loud - especially when the crowd erupted as the team finally arrived.

The team came into the coliseum to the tune of the school fight song - following Cocky's entrance after 2001. (I think seeing Cocky was the kids' favorite part. Of course.)

It was so cool to see the team take their victory lap around the coliseum floor - holding up the trophy for all of the screaming fans to see... and scream they did - it was so. very. loud!!! (And brought tears to my eyes and goose bumps to my arms - you'd have to understand just how hard the Gamecocks fight at every sport to fully appreciate what this title means to the school.)

And I'll end with a picture of our future baseball player - who at the age of 1 has figured out how to throw toys (and has a really good arm!)

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