Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Strawberries Strawberries Strawberries

I'm finally getting caught up on blogging - and finishing up some posts that I'd started ages ago. A few weeks ago we took the kids on our annual trek through the strawberry patch. I'm not sure why this year is such a good year for strawberries around here - but we happily filled our buckets with piles of sweet, sun-warmed, ripe gems... and truth be told... our tummies as well!

It was a perfect day - not too hot, not to muggy (despite the impending thunderstorm) - and the berries were plentiful. At first, both James and Anna shied away from picking berries (and opted to instruct Deonne and I as to which berry to pick.) However, as we progressed down our row, the kids got 'into it,' and before we knew it, were stuffing berries in their mouths right and left.

Happy Jack was just happy to be outside for his first trip to the strawberry patch and in the warm sun - thankfully we remembered his sun hat to protect his little blond head (he does have hair - I swear it - it's just coming in so light that you can't see much of it.)

At one point (before Anna really started picking) she said 'Mommy - this is just like "Blueberries for Sal" - except we're picking strawberries and not blueberries.' I must admit, it made my heart really happy to hear her not only remember one of my favorite childhood books, but to make the comparison of our Sunday afternoon activity (following mommy along and listening to berries to kerplink in the bucket) and the book itself. My smart little cookie.

I can't accurately describe just how yummy these berries were - something about fresh picked - sun-warmed berries really brought out their 'strawberry-ness.' (yes, I know that isn't a real word...)

And thankfully I've discovered the magic of oxy-clean - sure to get out any strawberry stain my two little berry pickers could manage to get into their clothes.

What a fun afternoon for the Party of Five!

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  1. Oh this looks like fun! I agree, strawberries picked from the patch/back yard taste completely different than store bought ones. They are so much better! Isn't it nice to start getting outside again? Glad to see your new posts and especially some photos of you! I was wondering what you've been up to. :) :)