Monday, May 24, 2010

James' Big Day

It is quiet in our house - all three of my children and spouse are lost in sweet slumber. I'm up - anxious - and nervous - and getting ready for James' big day.

He and I leave in about 20 minutes for the hospital. Today is his adenoid removal/ear tube replacement surgery.

I'm sure it will all be fine. It's 'routine' and I've been through this so many times you'd think I'd be an old pro at it.

But I'm not. I still don't like the idea of my baby boy being intubated and under general anesthesia.

That, and I'm a self professed nervous ninny.

If you are at all inclined, please pray for him - to not be scared as they take him from me to start the surgery (he was a baby the last time he had this procedure done), that his recovery is swift and painless, and for skilled steady hands for his surgeon.

And if you could throw one in there for me as well, I'd love it. With the early check in time of 6:45 in Camden, Deonne won't be able to accompany me (he'll be getting Jack and Anna fed, dressed, and to preschool.) And I'm really looking forward to that post-anesthesia incoherant screaming that James is sooooooooooo good at.

I'll post an update when we're home, safe and sound.

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