Monday, December 14, 2009

A New Family Favorite

James' godparents Phil and Michelle (and dear family friends of ours) gifted Anna with this book as a Christmas present last year. I think we may only have read it once before it was packed away with the rest of our family Christmas books last year. It wasn't really 'lost' in the Christmas shuffle, more so tucked away, waiting to be found and enjoyed again.

The other night we were going through the big basket of Christmas books we have collected over the years - looking for the perfect bedtime story. I grabbed this one, not really remembering much of the story, but wanting to hurry the kids up to bed.

As we settled into James' bunk bed to read our stories, we were swept away in the beauty of this book. It is such a peaceful tale, of how a child (or bear cub) comes to recognize God in the world around us. It perfectly weaves together the true meaning of Christmas along with outward expressions of love, kindness, and good deeds (and Santa Claus.)

So if you have children, and are Christian, read them this book.

It is amazing.

And Michelle if you're reading this - thank you for gifting our children with this beautiful tale - it has certainly become a new Christmas tradition on our home!

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