Sunday, December 6, 2009

More Lights

Friday we experienced another local treat of the holiday season - our trip to Saluda Shoals and the drive-through light display. I picked Anna up early from school (James and Jack had been home recovering from their respective ear infections), gave them an early bath, and had dinner ready the moment Deonne walked through the door so we could eat and head out for the lights display.

The kids thought it was fun to bundle up in jammies and goose-down throws in the back of the van and sing Christmas carols out to see the lights.

The cool thing is the drive through is so slow that we felt safe enough to unbuckle Anna and James and have them sit on my lap while we went through the course. (Jack snoozed the entire time from his place in the middle row.) We saw tons of light displays, animated to music that broadcast from the park through the car radio.

Another fun holiday treat!

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