Wednesday, January 6, 2010

9 Years and Counting

Today Deonne and I are celebrating nine years of marriage together. The past nine years has brought numerous joys, wondrous blessings, thousands of laughs, and, yes, many tears along the way. But that's what life is, right? A perfect mix of laughter, love, tears, and sorrows.

Once upon a time we used to celebrate our anniversary in a 'traditional way.' Dinner out at a fancy restaurant. Dinner in by candlelight, in the quiet solitude of our home. We celebrate tonight with dinner at a very special table. "Long Party of Five?" You betcha. Our dining table is set with our fine china and crystal. The meal is ready to be served – and my adoring hubby tells me it's better than any we could get out in a fancy restaurant.

Tonight won't be quiet. It won't be in solitude. It won't be a romantic meal where we discuss love and our relationship, world news, or even the weather. Tonight's meal will be loud. There may be screaming, certainly singing (at the top of a child's lungs) and most likely several reprimands to eat properly with one's fork, keep your bottom in your chair, or don't tip your cup over so far.

But it will be beautiful. It will be a celebration of our marriage. Shared with our children. The three little lives who are here because a certain boy asked a question… and a certain girl said yes.

Happy Anniversary my dear sweet love. It has been a wild and crazy ride since the day we took our vows on January 6, 2001. I'm so glad we have tickets for this ride together – I wouldn't want to share my seat with anyone else but you.

I love you more today – and with each passing day – as we build our family and grow our lives.

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