Friday, June 19, 2009

The Potty (a.k.a. my nemesis)

Any tips on how to potty train boys are greatly appreciated. Let me re-phrase - any tips on how to potty train a boy to finish his business the first time he sits on the potty are greatly appreciated. Ditto for words of wisdom on how to teach a boy to make sure certain body parts are pointing down before doing their business.

James is doing great with his potty training. He knows when he has to go - and hasn't had a true accident since day one. (For both number-one and number-two if you get my drift.)

The problem is that he runs to the potty, sits down (sometimes getting things going in the right direction), sprinkles (or shoots across the bathroom - anointing anything and anyone in his path), then pops back up and is finished. Ten minutes later we're back in the bathroom. Again and again and again.

The whole situation is compounded by poor little Jack - who keeps having his feedings interrupted by his brother's pottying shenanigans.

Did I happen to mention that I HATE potty training???

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