Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Forest Lake Elementary STEM-G PTO Night

One of the things I love about Anna's elementary school (among many) is the PTO family nights that happen four times a year.  Simply put, dinner in the cafeteria, activities for kids of all ages, educational opportunities (sometimes they skype with astronauts in Houston), and a program (kids singing.)

I was anchored to the PTO booth trying to churn up membership - so couldn't take the kids around.  This is when Jack was sick with that weird virus - so Deonne was home tending to him.  Thankfully Aunt Mary and Uncle Harry saved the day - and took Anna and James around to enjoy all of the fun things.

I put this last photo in so I can remind myself that this is what life was like at this stage - trying to do too much - but for a good cause.  :)

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