Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Art At The Fair

Remember this picture from earlier this year?  Apparently Anna's art teacher really likes it.  A lot.  Because she sent it to the fair for consideration in their state-wide student art exhibit.  I'm not sure how many pieces Ms. Hansberry submitted, but I do know that only three were selected - Anna's being one of them.

And apparently the people at the South Carolina State Fair (judges, I should say) liked it a lot too. 

When Anna finally told us that her piece was at the fair (in her nonchalant - oh by the way, I was on the News Show this morning because of my fish that's at the fair), we were of course proud, and happy for her, but sorta thought no big deal, right?  Wrong.  I didn't realize that art is submitted by teachers from across the entire state.  (Duh - it IS the STATE fair...)  And out of those that were sent in - only a smattering from each grade level (Anna's being kindergarten from last year) were chosen to be displayed.

Cool, right?

Anna was thrilled.  Can't tell at all from the photos below, can you???

And what made it all the sweeter - Ms. Hansberry sent Anna a note in the mail (REAL MAIL) - a beautiful card telling Anna how proud she was of her, of what a big deal it was to have her piece on display, and how lucky and happy she is to be her art teacher.

I know how she feels.

I'm lucky and happy to be her mama.

Blessed, is a better word.  As we discussed last night at Bible study - it all comes back to sovereignty.

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