Sunday, October 9, 2011

A Child's Thought To Stop Hunger

Anna's class was recently given the opportunity to express their ideas on how to stop hunger.  They were tasked with writing a sentence on how they could stop childhood hunger and then draw a picture of it.

The work was part of the Mast General Store's Food for Kids program.  One class from each of several elementary schools across the city were selected to have their work displayed.  Anna's was one of them.

We found out about it late yesterday via an email from Anna's teacher - the awesome Teacher of the Year, Ms. Duke.  So we headed out after church and lunch to take a peek and see what the kids had created.

 Anna was thrilled to discover her class display - with her picture located just beneath the title (first one on the left with the red border.)

It was really sweet to see all of the things each child had thought of as a way to end childhood hunger.  The best part of the whole assignment?  That these kids were given the opportunity to think about something beyond the three R's of reading, writing, arithmetic - to think about humanity and the greater good.

This is reason 4,982 why I love the school Anna is blessed to attend - and can't wait for our boys to attend and experience.

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