Thursday, June 30, 2011


So I haven't been blogging much lately (obviously.)  I could tell you it's because our days and nights have been filled with all sorts of activities.  Or that we've been going non-stop since Father's Day weekend - shuffling kids to and from camp, heading to the lake for weekends from Fridays - Sundays, trying to keep up with basic household duties (read:  laundry) on the weeknights we are home. 

Or that we've started swimming lessons for the kids - adding in another evening activity every night this week (and next) in an effort to teach our two older children (who have a false sense of security in the pool) to swim while introducing our youngest to the fun of 'kicks' and 'scoops' as he learns the basics. 

Or that I've been extremely busy at the office - finishing up projects that expire today (end of the federal fiscal year) and preparing (gasp) to tackle my nemesis and start re-writing grants. 

Or that we've spent too many a late night watching the Gamecocks sweep the college world series and once again take home the national championship prize.  (Something that was so cool to watch - something we paid dearly for with lack of sleep compounded with sleepy/grouchy kids in the mornings.)

Or that we've been knee deep in one of the worst parts of parenting - potty training.  Mr. Jack will go potty all day long when you take him - but rarely recognizes that he has to go on his own - and has yet to do a Number Two (if you catch my drift) in the potty.  Yes, the little stinker is very much like his big sister in that respect - will sit on the potty - tinkle - announce 'I'm done' - get up, flush, wash hands, resume playing - and then immediately do the deed in his undies.  Lovely.

But in all honesty, that's only part of it.  Every free moment I've had (which isn't all that often) and most all of my thoughts no matter the ongoing task have been consumed, preoccupied really, with something else.  So I've been busy researching, reading, scouring the internet, planning, and yes, daydreaming just a bit.  With what?  I can't say.  I can't spill the beans.  And if you know me at all - you know that is driving me crazy. 

So.  What is there to write if I can't purge the thoughts of my heart and soul...

Well... let's see.

How about the sweetest sound ever?  Hearing James and Jack sing to me in the van en route to pick up Anna in the afternoons - following along to the words from the Pandamania VBS CD the older two received this year - or at least some version of the words from our little music-man Jack.  But when they sing loudly and whole-heartedly to one of the greatest hymns I've ever heard 'Then Sings My Soul' - it's precious.  PRECIOUS.

And how about my daughter, my darling girl, who is driving me t-total crazy with her behavior lately?  It's completely disheartening as a mother to look at your child and while you know that you love them to the depths of your being, you really don't like them.  Well, the behavior at least - which translates to the child when it's never ending.

Same old battle we've had with this child since she was old enough to exert her opinion - same old battle we'll have with her until she's grown and out of our care.  I have to believe that one day we'll find the trick to really get through to her.  Until then, I'll be the mother pulling her hair out and talking to herself like a crazy person in the corner.

In all seriousness, I think Deonne and I are coming to the realization that she is truly just an abnormally smart and advanced child, and as such has special needs.  She is SO bright. She is SO smart.  She reads and understands and memorizes SO many things - that I truly believe a lot of her lack of obedience and paying attention stems from the fact that her brain never shuts off.  Seriously. 

I don't want to be that mom - the one who thinks her kid walks on water and is perfect in every way.  Which is why I rarely talk about this topic with friends, lest they think I'm one of those moms.  And in all actuality - I think my daughter is the farthest thing from it.  Rather, I tend to reside on the other end of the spectrum and often times disregard her skills as they are overshadowed by the negative behavior problems.  But I wonder, how many kids go into kindergarten barely putting sentences together - and come out reading (and comprehending) books at the 4th grade level?  How many kids sit and teach themselves how to do multiplication - because they're bored?  How many kids will pick out a book about the solar system from the library, look at the diagram on the front inside cover, and come up with the statement 'it must be really cold on Uranus.'  And when I asked her why it must be cold on that particular planet - the response?  'Because' insert eye rolling 'Uranus is so far away from the sun.'  And how many kids can completely memorize the script to a movie (example: Tangled) after watching it twice?  TWICE??

We'll have to keep a close eye out on that one ...


So, I'll stop blathering on and on.  Clearly this post is all over the place...I realize that.  What I really want to write about I can't - or rather - shouldn't.  And if I do go ahead and 'draft' now - I'll probably accidentally hit 'publish' and then be in deep doo doo.  I'm so looking forward to writing all about our newest, well, adventure - let's call it that - in the very near future.  I hope.  I guess it all depends on how the cards fall in the next few weeks.

Say a prayer I get that far...

To be continued.....

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