Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Father's Day 2011

As noted in my last post, we spent Fathers Day weekend out at Deonne's parent's lake house.  The kids had a fabulous time - swimming, boating, playing with their cousins, paddle boating, watching movies, and staying up way to late.  We enjoyed the chance to relax, slow down, not look at the many unfinished projects laying around our house, and just spend time together.  Deonne took the kids fishing first thing Sunday morning.  James didn't even change out of his beloved Transformer pajamas before he grabbed his shoes and headed to the edge of the lake to dig worms with his dad.

What a fun morning - sitting on the dock, in the sunshine, fishing with Daddy.  With pink Barbie fishing rod... of course.

Even Jack got in on the action - and was very excited to get out his brand new Cars fishing pole that he received for his birthday.  Unfortunately, while Deonne was trying to set up his line and tie on the hook, Jack dropped his reel in the lake.  So much for fishing. 

No matter - he got to 'fish' and practice 'casting' by waving his rod around.  Note to anyone who happens to be around Jack when he's fishing - be prepared to duck.  Quickly.

James and Anna both liked the idea of fishing....but were discouraged they didn't obtain the catch of the day.  They grew bored of sitting and watching their little bobbers (is that what you call them - the plastic floaty things?) go up and down on the waves....and just couldn't understand the draw of sitting still for hours on a dock with nothing to do.  I tried to explain the merits of fishing from Deonne's perspective - hanging out with a friend, whiling away the hours, probably with a cooler of beverages nearby - but in all honesty, I agree with the kids.  I've never had much patience for fishing.

Jack thoroughly enjoyed his first fishing lesson.  I think out of the three - he would have gladly stayed the longest - swinging his rod around and trying to cast his hook  (we did let him use James' rod when James eventually gave up.)  But the tiny sharp hook flying around every time he cast became a hazard.  So we moved on to other things...but not before posing for a picture. 

The kids and I made this platter for Deonne - that little blue circle in the middle is supposed to be a plate...and if you look really closely, you'll see the kids' names next to their hands.  It was hard to figure out how to get three kids hand prints on one platter - especially now that they are getting bigger.  I think it turned out pretty cute - and can't wait to use it the next time D grills.

And a few other little gifts from the kids - including some books.  The kids love giving us books about moms and dads - and having us read them over and over.  I love that too.  :)

One of Jack's favorite songs these days is 'The Lion Sleeps Tonight.'  It's on a few different CDs the kids have in a few different versions.  No matter the style - Jack immediately starts bobbing his head, dancing around, clapping his hands, and moving to the beat.  So when we happened upon a father's day card with music - with 'The Lion Sleeps Tonight' no less - we knew Jack had to give it to his daddy.

And, as expected, upon giving the card to his daddy, he immediately took it back, and proceeded to dance all around the porch, bobbing and clapping and wiggling to the beat.  Precious.

It was a really nice Father's Day weekend.  And the best part - Deonne had a lovely time with the kids - doing the things he likes best - spending time with family, fishing, boating, playing games, fiddling with his charcoal smoker and cooking up a pile of ribs, and reading the hand made cards the kids made him. 

My children are truly blessed beyond their comprehension to have such a wonderful dad - someone who not only takes care of the big stuff like paying the mortgage and putting food on the table - but who gets down on the floor with them to play Matchbox cars and help untangle Barbie's hair.  He reads to them every night - and tucks them into bed with a hug and a kiss and a 'sweet dreams.'  I couldn't have asked for a better father for my children - and someday, years from now - they'll truly realize just how special their father is.

Of course I wish I'd been able to share this time with my own family - with my own Daddy - but I have to believe he was watching us and smiling down on us from Heaven.

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