Thursday, June 9, 2011

Something Happy This Way Comes...

So- how about some random happy pictures? I could look at these all day - and never tire of seeing my children and their lovely smiles... and be reminded of their silly antics.

So here is the Month of May - in synopsis version - because I'm too terribly behind in blogging to do individual posts - here are some highlights:

James graduates from preschool with a ceremony and party.

We ended the Team Buffalo soccer season with a pizza party at our house for all of James' fellow players and their families.  They had a wonderful time, ate loads of pizza and fresh strawberries, and drank lemonade and cake and sugar cookies I made shaped and iced like soccer balls. The highlight, though, was the award ceremony when Coaches Rich (above) and David handed out trophies.  While I still have misgivings about all players receiving a trophy - I have to admit that it was pretty cute - and James is so proud of that trophy that he's been carrying it around with him since.

Anna and Duncan (her first love from the Children's Center) have pledged themselves to each other - promising the other that they are each other's future spouse.  I'm okay with this - Duncan is a cute, sweet, little boy - and he already puts up with Anna's antics, so he's got several things going for him.
He's taken to sending her love letters - if you can't read it - it says:
"I love you more than ice cream and cake.  Guess what - I got the movie Alvin
and the Chipmunks and ummmmmmm oh yeah, I love you with all my heart.  I love you more
than ice cream and cake."

We had a Mother's Day celebration in James' class at the Children's Center.  I snagged Jack out of his room and took him along.  Clearly both were too interested in the cake, chips, and brownies and didn't want to stop snacking to take pictures - but I made them anyway.  It's my right - it was Mother's Day after all....

Krispy Kreme comes to our side of town!!!  This was big news - now we could get those hot pillows of sweet dough very close to our house instead of hauling out to West Columbia.  My bubble did burst recently, however, when Deonne informed me that they really don't make the 'hot doughnuts' on the premises - rather heat up cold ones and run them through the sugar glaze.  Who cares.  They're still ooey gooey delicious in my book!

Anna's third year of dancing at Palmetto Performing ended with her first tap performance (she switched from ballet to tap this year.)  Her recital number was "It's A Small World."  She's China - her best friend EG is Japan.  It was pretty cute ... they all did a great job - and look so grown up compared to when they started three years ago as teeny tiny ballerinas.

I didn't remember to take any pictures of my birthday celebration - it was lovely - with pizza and salad and a homemade cake that some lovely friends from church brought over.  Our six children had fun running around and playing - while we enjoyed lounging about and chatting.

And that, for the most part, is the month of May with the Party!

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