Monday, March 21, 2011

Reality Check

Years ago, when Deonne and I were struggling to start our family, I joined a message board for those "Trying To Concieve."  I met women there from all walks of life, and made lifelong friendships because of it.  Such good friends that they are now godparents of our child.  Weird. Perhaps.  But who cares where friendships start.  Logan is like the sister I never had, and not a day goes by that I don't thank God for her presence in my life.  She's celebrated with me during joyous times, and held my hand during the hard times.  A friend for life, indeed.

Logan is but one of the friends I made.  I'm the closest to her by far, but I still follow the stories of some of the women I met.

One such story is a lovely woman named Kristin.  She's a pillar of strength.  She didn't have that 'happy ending' that most of us had from that message board.  In fact, her story is one of tragedy and sorrow.  But she has managed to make it through with a strenth and a grace that I admire.

I still read her story.  I check in on her from afar, silently watching and praying for a 'happy ending' and joy in her life. 

Today a read a post that touched my heart.  Kristin has always been able to write the words of her heart in a way that touches those who read them.  And today - today's post brought me to my knees.  She is able to capture just what it is like to grieve.  How it never goes away - the pain and loss of losing someone so dear.  And what it is like to search for someone to somehow understand.

Thank you, Kristin, for writing these words and sharing your heart. 

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