Thursday, March 31, 2011

Coffee Talk

I attended a very sad funeral yesterday afternoon - a colleague who departed this world entirely too early.  He was not much younger than my dad - yet his funeral, and the stories told during the eulogy by his adult daughters of their final moments together brought back all of those emotions of that horrible night five years ago when I said goodbye to my own father.

So I didn't make it back to the office following.  I was way too much of an emotional wreck.

I ended up spending some time with a dear friend/colleague - sipping green tea and talking about anything and everything.  Just something to keep our minds off the loss - and thoughts of our own departed fathers.

After that, I collected Anna early from her after care program.  We had some time to spare before picking up the boys and heading to church for their children's program and my Lenten study.  So we popped into the local Starbucks.

Anna was such the big girl.  Sitting in her chair.  Sipping her hot chocolate (no whipped cream, please).  Rattling on about the intricacies of her day.  Discussing different hairstyle options of her fairy doll that she'd brought along with her.

It was so nice to have that one on one time together.  I needed it.  I needed to be swept away into her world of fairies, chocolate, books, pencils, and giggles on the playground. 

It reminded me of my coffee dates with my mom.

And made me miss her to my core.

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