Friday, March 11, 2011

The Cat In The Hat!

As I started putting together the fun and crafty aspect of James' party - I knew I needed a central activity - something to captivate the kids - something fun to do - something out of the ordinary.  So who better to come, than the Cat In The Hat!

I contacted the local Children's Theatre to find information on one of our favorite actresses from the regular ensemble (Amy Brower) and told her what I was up to.  She gladly agreed to help out - and perform - and perform she did!

The kids were THRILLED to meet the Cat In The Hat!  The Cat appeared from the top deck - then came down to play with the kids, have a dance party, and story time.

The Cat read the "Happy Birthday To You" book - which is one of James' favorites.  He is such a funny kid - and so innocent - and such a believer - he wanted the Cat to go back into the book from which it came so that he could come back and bring him the fish from the story.  The Cat replied - maybe next time I'll bring my fish.

It was so cool - the Cat talked in rhyme, walked like a funny cat, and totally won over the crowd.

One of my favorite things is the the Cat pretty much stuck to James, hung out with him, talked to him while he was eating his snack, serenaded him during "Happy Birthday"...

... and was there to help him blow out his four candles.

All in all - a super fun way to turn four!!!

And then when it was time 'with a tip of his hat - he said that is that' and waved goodbye and that, was indeed, that.
James was a little bit sad to see the Cat go.

And since the party - our little man is obsessed with all things 'Cat in the Hat.'  He's been searching and wearing any and every hat he can find around the house - telling us he's 'the cat in the hat.'  He only wants to read his Dr. Seuss books.  And when he discovered a cut out Dr. Seuss fish in our den (a remnant from the party decorations that somehow made its way there) he grinned and exclaimed "Mommy!  The Cat must have left this fish for me!"

Oh, this certainly was one of my favorite birthday parties ever.  From the details to the smiles, to the love to the food, it was a good time enjoyed by all.

Also, for anyone local looking for an amazing resource for character performances for your next party, let me know and I'll send you Amy's contact information.  I'd recommend her to anyone 1-thousand times over.

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