Monday, March 28, 2011

Go Team Buffalo!

Spring soccer season is in full swing again - only this time we have a new Party member playing.  James is L-O-V-I-N-G playing soccer.  And he's really good at it.  Seriously.

After last season's debacle of Anna's attempt at playing (she liked the idea of playing soccer, really liked the idea of getting dressed up and accessorizing for the games, and most importantly, eating snacks) it is a welcome break to see a Party kid actually playing.  Wanting to play.

Team Buffalo
Aren't these little kids adorable?  I love seeing them all dressed up and in uniform.  The big shorts and shin guards that practically cover up their entire legs, and the shirts that fit more like tunics or dresses....

Our little soccer star!
So James is indeed enjoying the game of soccer.  He gets right in there with the pack of kids chasing the ball around ('cause you know that at this age, there really isn't any rhyme or reason or strategy beyond keeping the kids kicking the ball towards the right goal.)  He runs with the crowd, kicks well, and has actually figured out how to have good control over the ball.

It's so much fun to watch.
Future soccer star.

 Jack likes attending the games as well.  He likes dribbling the ball up and down the empty fields next to the active playing fields, chasing around the ball, pointing to it and saying 'soc-cor ball!'  It's pretty cute.

He also likes getting to sit in the kid-sized tailgate chairs.  And eat snacks.  It's all about the snacks at this age, isn't it?

I don't have any pictures of Anna at hand, but she spent her time at the game with her new friend, the older sister (also in kindergarten) of one of James' teammates.  They like to spill the contents of their backpacks, share their toys and books and pens, and of course, eat snacks.

I think she's much happier on the sidelines.

Truth be told, I am as well.  It's so much easier to support a child in a team event who actually wants to play.

** Updated with additional pictures....

First game of the season!

Second game of the season - Anna is clearly happier on the sidelines working on her academics ...

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