Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Potty

Once again, the Potty has become my nemesis.

Jack (although not quite two) has become very interested in using the potty.

When any member of our family goes to the bathroom to do 'our business' - he is sure to follow. Which isn't surprising really, when it comes to his older brother and sister. Because it's still a big announcement for them. They still feel the need to explain where they're going as they run past us shrieking 'Mommy! I haf'ta go potty!'

Okay. Awesome. Bathroom's still in the same place it was last time. Let me know if you need anything.

So it really isn't any wonder that Jack is fascinated by what happens in the magical chair. He likes to toddle in. Observe. And if he times it right - gets to be the 'flush man.' Exciting things in the realm of almost-two-year-olds.

The last few days he's insisted on sitting on the potty himself. Starts clawing at his outfit saying 'close - off' - trying to undo snaps and buttons and pull his diaper off.

So we dug out the little potty seats that the older kids used - you know, the ones that sit on the floor. Said 'here Jack - your own little special potty.'

He will have nothing to do with such childish things, however.

No, he prefers to either dangle precariously over the 'big' seat - or put the little potty ring on and sit on that. The first time we tried to have him sit on the little floor seat - he actually started lifting it up - trying to place it on the actual toilet. Which was funny in and of itself, albeit very frustrating.

I suppose I should be happy about this - that at the tender age of 20 months he has an interest in the potty and desire to use it - and seems to be getting the idea that you are supposed to do something other than just sit there a few times a day.

The truth?

I'm not.

And I'm really not looking forward to potty training. One iota.

So it looks like the Potty and I will once again face the battlefield in the very near future. Only this time I'm much more prepared.

Game on.

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