Thursday, January 13, 2011


Four snow days.

One teacher in-service day.

One day reserved for Martin Luther King.

Six days out of the office.

Six days away from work.

What does all this add up to?

One unhappy employer.

And one surprisingly happy mommy.

I've loved this time at home with my children.  I've loved the idea of being a Stay At Home Mom. 

I'm caught up on the laundry.  Not only is it washed and folded but actually put away.

We've enjoyed yummy meals each night - shrimp and grits, homemade spaghetti and meatballs, pulled pork and black bean enchiladas.

We've read so many books that I can't even begin to put a number on them.

We've eaten almost an entire BIG box of goldfish.

We've had loads of arts and crafts activities - stamping, painting, drawing, making snowflake cut-outs.

We've had two play dates with other moms and kids that I wouldn't otherwise get to see during the week.

We've played at the library mid-week.

We've watched movies - old and new.

Oh, we've had our moments.  there have been times when I've wanted a 5,000 square foot house to separate the elder two children who are at each other's throats for lack of another playmate.  I've struggled with no outside time - or hardly any - because of the icy and wet snow conditions that can be fun to play in at first but results in wet cold grumpy kids.

But all in all, it's been nice.  Surprisingly nice. 

Except for that one little nagging fact.  That I have fourteen-thousand work emails piling up.  That I can't seem to answer because every time I start - someone needs a drink, or a bottom wipe, or a diaper change, or a snack - or I need to mediate an argument or help with a snowflake cut-out or read a book.

And it's hard to tell your child 'no - I can't play with you because I have to work.'

So I'm behind.  Horribly behind.

I'm actually fearful for my job. 

So I'm ready for the snow to completely go away.  All four little icy patches that seems to exist across the county that is causing schools to be closed day after day after day.


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