Monday, April 4, 2011

Saturday Morning Fun

One of the things I'm enjoying the most about life right now is the fact that I'm slowly coming out of the 'baby fog.'  I know I've blogged about this before, but having an almost-two year old and not being pregnant is a true joy!  I'm able to get out more with the kids and have much more energy to research new and fun things to do as a family rather than stick around the house.

Take Saturday morning, for example.  I'd heard a lot about the local farmer's market from various friends and colleagues.  How there is a lot to see and look at as well as a good breakfast spread for reasonable prices.  So we ventured out - and weren't disappointed.

The kids loved it.  Deonne and I did as well.  Lots of local vendors selling everything from artisan breads to key lime pies, fresh flowers and organic greens, to sausages and meats, soaps, and cutting boards.  It kind of felt more like an artisan market than a 'farmers' market - as there weren't a lot of fresh fruits or vegetables.  But it is the start of the growing season - so I expect that will pick up in time.

Breakfast was sausage and egg casserole and cheesy grits casserole - both made using the local cheeses from the market.  Hot coffee, of course, homemade yogurt with granola and strawberries (that are just coming into season here), and a cinnamon twist strudel-thing from the organic baker lady.

We missed the donut stand (how could we do that??)  It was outside and around the corner from most of the vendors, so we didn't see it until we were leaving.  We'll definitely make that stop next week (James has already planned that we'll go.)  They were making fresh strawberry donuts - right on the spot!  Even little Jack was interested - pointing and gesturing wildly saying 'do-no' - his word for donut. 

It was perfect weather to attend the market - they had big tables set up, complete with tablecloths and fresh flowers.  We ate, sipped our coffees, and watched the kids play with the many dogs (on leashes) that people had brought.  

It was really fun. (Notice my hair?  No, I'm not channeling my inner Elvira - I just decided to stop trying to keep up with blond highlights and go back to my natural color.  But instead of 'boring brown' my stylist added a little extra warmth.  I like it.)

After breakfast and wandering around the market, we headed to James' soccer game.  He's doing really well - isn't afraid to get in the pack of arms and legs to kick the ball - and has really good control over the ball when he does have it.  The only problem(?) is that he has SO much fun that he's giggling like a hyena the entire time - so he loses focus - and thus the ball.  But who cares.  He's having fun.  He's enjoying the game.  And that's what matters.  So we saw lots of this (above picture - James is #24)...

...and also a lot of this.  James giggling with his buddy Michael. 

And that, is what it's all about.

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  1. LOVE your hair! It looks really cute! I wish I could wear my hear closer to my "natural" color...but I tried when I was pregnant with Matthew and it was just awful. So a-highlighting I will go....

    Your kids are just darling. Plain and simple. :)