Saturday, April 30, 2011

A Royal Wedding Celebration

In honor of William and Kate's wedding, my good friend Nici and I decided to throw a proper viewing party for our girls and some of their friends.  I'm not ashamed to admit that I've been t-total excited to watch this wedding.  How often do we get to see a real live fairy tale wedding happen - to a real live royal family - and not a Disney cartoon?

So it all started with a proper invitation (of course) which were hand delivered to each girl.   Can I just say that I Heart Photoshop?

To get in the true spirit of things, I made each girl a princess veil.  It's amazing what you can make with a cheap plastic tiara, some white sparkly tulle, and a glue gun.

And of course, every girl needs a proper diamond engagement ring.

And dinner at a beautiful royal table.  Our wedding feast consisted of ham biscuits, chips (not British fries - but 'crisps', fresh fruit, crudites, petit fours, and chocolate covered caramels, all served on the finest china and silver, and crystal.  Lemonade for the girls served in champagne flutes and blood orange mimosas for the mamas.

Her Highness Giovanna Hallman Long

Her Highness Addison McSwain Comer

Her Highness Madeleine Anne Martin

A Royal Toast
'ching ching'

And what proper party would be complete without a little cookie decorating?

Cookies in the shapes of crowns and wedding cakes, of course.

Royal cookie decorating is serious business.

The more sugar and glittery sprinkles the better.

It's hard work being a princess bride.  It's a good thing the lemonade was plentiful to refresh our little brides.

Lots of licks and tastes of the sweets - but as Madeline quickly discovered - icing straight out of the bottle is best.

Proper Princess Petit Fours

We completed our party by first looking through my wedding album.  It was fun to share the pictures of my wedding day with three little girls - Addie who kept wanting me to turn the pages quickly to get to the one where Deonne and I kiss.  (Sadly, that picture doesn't exist - that roll of film from our ceremony was lost.)  When I asked her why she was so intent on seeing pictures of kissing - she grinned and looked at me and said " 'cause I want to kiss my BOYfriend."  Watch out B and N - she's looking to share some smooches... HA!

We then changing into our princess bedroom attire (nightgowns) and accessorized with our veils and settling in to watch the wedding.  Lots of ooohs and aaahs from the princess brides as we saw Kate emerge from her Rolls Royce - and an enormous amount of giggles when we saw the royal couple's first kiss.  (Thank goodness for DVRs - we could fast forward through the lengthy ceremony and processionals to the palace to watch just the good parts.)

I'm so thankful we got to share this moment with friends.  I distinctly remember my mom waking me up at some ungodly hour on the west coast to watch Princess Di get married - and ooohing and aaahing over her dress and flowers as she emerged from her carriage.

I was just about Anna's age - and I remember that morning like it was yesterday.  I hope the fun we had last night created long lasting memories for her - that she'll one day share with her own children - when William and Kate's children get married someday ... but I'm getting ahead of myself now aren't I.

What a fun night.  What a glorious celebration!

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