Saturday, October 2, 2010

Miss Universe

Forest Lake Elementary was indeed featured on the NBC Nightly News last night as part of the Education Nation series - following a schedule change the day before. We gathered the kids in front of the television, set the DVR, and watched the show as a family - wanting to see how the school was showcased, and yes, I'll admit it, curious to see if Anna's time spent with Lester Holt made the proverbial cut.

Anna was thrilled as the opening credits of the broadcast began and she saw Mr. Holt sitting at the anchor's desk - pointing to the screen - jumping up and down (literally) - and shrieking 'Mommy! It's my friend Lester Holt!'

And when she saw actual footage of herself on the screen, talking to Mr. Holt, nonetheless, she just beamed.

(Truth be told, her Daddy and I did as well.)

It was a big moment for her - being on the news and all - and as time has gone on - I think she's starting to grasp the enormity of it. When it was all said and done - she looked over and Deonne and I and said

'So now everyone in the whole universe knows who I am.'

Uh, no baby, not quite.

I think we may have created a little diva.

So without further ado - here's the segment highlighting Forest Lake - the awesome technology school that our child attends - her outgoing and incredible principal - and, oh yeah, that super cool LESTER HOLT that Anna now calls 'her friend.'

I so wish she'd thought to ask for an autograph.

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  1. Wow!! How neat is that?! Anna's little voice is so sweet. :) And what an amazing school! Definitely a moment of a lifetime--for Mom too. :)