Wednesday, October 27, 2010

ESPN Game Day

One more post to “catch up” from my grant-writing-induced-blogging-break – and then I should be back on track.

I think.

So in case you somehow missed it, we’re big Gamecock fans. Well, Deonne is – I claim to be a Gamecock by marriage. And Gamecock fans are loyal during the bad years (when losing is more common than winning) and crazy as loons during the good years (when they not only win but receive recognition from the BCS.)

When ESPN announced they were going to host College Game Day from the USC campus, you might have thought the Gamecocks had won the national title.

Deonne couldn’t wait to take the kids – for the pure spectacle of it.

Unfortunately, I had to work, but I did manage to hang around the house long enough to help him dress the children in their appropriate Game Day attire and take a few pictures before they headed out.

They had a t-total blast – and little Miss Anna again charmed the local press – not only having her picture taken with Deonne and her brothers for the State Newspaper, but also being filmed holding her USC sign for the local CBS news channel while saying "Go Cocks!"

They were able to get up close and personal to Erin Andrews during filming, got to see the USC marching band, and best of all - Cocky!

Deonne ran into our good friends and their kids – who thankfully shared their lunch/snacks with our kids – and in case I forgot to tell you Nici – thanks for letting my kids mooch off you, yet again…

What a fun Saturday morning activity! I hated to miss it – but am glad they were able to go and be a part of something so fun!

When I arrived home that evening, Deonne was ‘tailgating’ with the kids. It was really pretty sweet. They were running around playing in the backyard, he had the TV set up with snacks and treats, and was enjoying watching the Gamecocks beat the number one team in the country. I made it home in time to see them seal the deal in the 4th quarter.

Later that night (while we were painting) I commented that tailgating certainly has changed for us in the past six years, when we used to have elaborate parties with crazy amounts of food and drinks that would go way past gametime into the wee hours of the morning. Deonne smiled – and said ‘I wouldn’t trade it for anything.’

Neither would I.

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