Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I Dare Say….

I think I may have seen it all from a culinary standpoint.


Last Saturday was our annual trip to the State Fair – complete with the usual array of activities, rides to ride, corn dogs and elephant ears and cotton candy to consume, vegetables and pigs and cows to look at.

The kids love going – mostly for the rides and the corn dogs. I like going to see the arts and crafts on display (yeah, I’m a dork like that) and the various fried foods to eat (although this year I didn’t really eat anything – as I was still recovering from being sick and not interested in eating much). Mostly, though, I like going to people watch.

It amazes me the people who crawl out of the woodwork to attend the State Fair.

Anyway, Anna and James got to enjoy the rides –

While this one had to watch in dismay. Such a hard age … wanting to participate – but not yet big enough…

Deonne did take him on one ride with the big kids – the Dizzy Dinosaurs – which he liked at first – but then wanted to get off – not happy that the ride was not ending on his schedule.

We left shortly thereafter – the kids were tired – even though they fought leaving to the bitter end – James arguing all the way into his carseat that he WAS. NOT. TIRED.

But poor little Jack was wiped out. He literally fell asleep as soon as Deonne put the gearshift into ‘drive.’

As we drove away, Deonne commented that he’d like to do more, but with small children we have to leave before we can see it all. Then he glanced at me and added “besides – I’m tired out.”

Amen, brother.

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