Monday, February 15, 2010

Love is in the air...

Valentines Day with the Long Party of Five included:

A special breakfast of heart shaped pancakes, bacon, and sparkling apple juice (in the real crystal glasses...)

Opening little Valentine treats (books, heart jammies, candy, and a set of new tableware - plate/cup/bowl - Toy Story for James and Dora for Anna - for each of the big kids; books, heart jammies, and a stuffed monkey for the little Long.)

Watching movies.

Attending the Columbia Children's Theatre current musical "Cinderella" - not one of my favorites - but the kids enjoyed it.

Making and decorating red velvet cupcakes.

Enjoying Valentine candy (or biter biscuits as the case may be.)

Sharing our heart shaped sugar cookies.

A fun treat of heart shaped pasta for dinner (that Anna was convinced I'd made from scratch with the help of a small cookie cutter ...)

Happy Heart Day!

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