Tuesday, February 23, 2010

James' Third Birth-DAY

Birthday Round-up continues - with pictures and happenings from James' actual birth-DAY. So after we greeted the day with James' Birthday Banner and new #3 shirt, we headed off to our respective days.

We started a tradition when Anna turned one to bring treats and snacks to her classroom at school, and have continued that for every birthday since. Both Deonne and I take off time from work to "host" the party, and bring the other kids out of their respective classrooms to join in the fun.

James is no exception - and given his love of all things Curious George - we held a little "Georgie" party for him with his buddies at school. I made yellow frosted cupcakes (and super big thanks Kathy for the yummy butter cream frosting recipe!) and doused them with an entire container of multi-colored sprinkles - because you just can't have too many birthday sprinkles...

Here's the birthday boy, loving being the center of attention...

Sharing his cupcake with Mommy....

I love this little boy!

Following our school party, we headed home for the birthday present opening extravaganza, where he opened up his gifts from Mommy and Daddy, along with the ones Anna and Jack picked out for him.
He was clearly in no mood to have his picture taken - but I had to. For posterity. Don't you love the exasperated and irritated look on his face, like "come ON - not another picture!"

Digging in - Anna so kindly helped him remove those big colorful bows.

Wow! He loved all of his gifts!

After that we packed everyone up and headed out to our favorite birthday dinner venue, Red Robin. I'm not sure when it became a tradition for our family to go here for dinner - but it has - partly due to the fun of having all of the waiters and waitresses bring out that big ice cream sundae and sing "Happy Birthday!"
James wasn't too sure at first... (don't you love his fireman hat that he insisted on wearing to dinner...)

Jack wasn't too sure about it either...

But once the ice cream arrived all was well!

And James did kindly share his treat with his big sister and his Daddy - but we did make them wait until he'd taken the first bite.

And I'm not sure why I'm adding this here - just to remember what my kitchen looks like in the middle of party-week... keepin' it real...

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