Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Ears - what part was I on?

I know I am miserably behind in posting - and I promise I have a pile of overdue and unpublished posts to officially publish to the blog - but since I'm using this as a form of communication to family and loved ones - I need to update you on the latest news from the medical front.

We had our post surgical check up for Jack's tubes - oh, did I forget to post that he had surgery last month? Yeah - he did - tubes in his ears - the surgery of which went well, the post operation breathing issues not so much - but all in all he's fine. He's had several runny noses since, none of which have caused a dreaded ear infection - and his check up today went smashingly.

James has had several ear infections as of late - but after meeting with our awesome ENT today we decided we'd give him one more chance - see if he gets another doosey - if so, we're to call and schedule surgery for tubes and adenoid removal.

So. That leaves Long #3. The one who we thought might escape the whole tube procedure. Not so. Apparently little Anna has enlarged adenoids that need to come out. Did you know snoring is a symptom of enlarged adenoids? As is difficulty breathing through the nose and repeat sinus infections? Me either. I just thought I had a child who was going to have a hard time with sleepovers and college roommates because she snores so loud. And, because she's had one too many ear infections in the last few months, she's being treated to tubes in her ears.

Now I think I'm a seasoned vet when it comes to ear surgery. I'm okay with that. Kid goes behind the magic curtain for all of 10 minutes, wakes up mad as a wet hen from the anesthesia, is unhappy for a few hours, naps, and all is well.

The adenoid removal - I'm a bit freaked out by that. I confess, I'm worried. I know it's all a 'simple procedure', but nothings really a 'simple procedure' when it's your kid.

So keep us in your thoughts come March 1 - for a simple and uneventful surgery and a quick and speedy recovery.

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