Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Uh Oh, It's Magic!

Our little magician James turned six in February.  Because of the way the weekends fell around his birthday and Deonne's ability to come home for weekends, we postponed his party until the first weekend in March.  I tried to keep it somewhat smaller and simpler this time - having him invite only his closest friends - the kids he actually plays with - rather than everyone he (and we) know.

But you know me, and 'simple' just isn't a word I'm used to when it comes to party planning....  So when I asked him what kind of party he wanted to have - it came as no surprise to me that he wanted a magic party.  He loves all things magical ~ from magic tricks and pranks to magical stories and shows.

He'd been dying for YEARS for local magician/children's comedienne Sarah Dippity to come to one of his parties - so once we figured out the theme, tying her in was an easy task.

Now - I gotta give credit where credit is due.  Thank god for Pinterest.  There are so many awesome ideas out there - so many cool things that I had a hard time keeping things 'simple' and focusing on just a few.  But I managed - and the details are below:

I struggled a lot with this cake.  I think the fondant was too thin and the cake too tall...

 Playing Card Sugar Cookies

 A box of magic tricks and whoopie cushions for favors

 James started the show off with a performance of his own magic trick!

 Ta Da!

 Anna and EG, bffs

Gotta love Sarah Dippity!

I'm not sure who had more fun - James or Jack! 

Buddy Blake from FLE

 Sweet Maddie

 James was laughing so hard during this that I thought he was going to explode.

A magical birthday for a magical boy.  Happy day sweet James!

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