Friday, June 1, 2012

Muffins With Mom

James moved to a new preschool this past fall - a church centered preschool that we adore.  They do all sorts of neat things - and I love that in addition to learning the proverbial ABCs our son has had weekly chapel, prays a blessing before his luncheon meal, and celebrates things like Christmas and Easter versus Winter and Spring.

I discovered they have very sweet activities for the parents as well - including Muffins With Mom.  I'd seen and heard about similar celebrations from friends (ahem, Kathy) :) on her blog, and others, and always secretly wished our children could do something similar.

Imagine my surprise when I read the invitation to James' celebration.

It was really sweet.
James was so bashful and shy...

 Lord I love this boy!

The teacher (who I adore) started out by reading the poems the kids had helped write - and share their artwork.  I loved hearing the things the kids came up with - so funny. So real.  So honest.  (And thankfully not horrible - I have to admit I braced myself a bit in hopes James didn't share something like 'my mommy screams at us to get in the car' or something similar...

Then we sat down to our muffins and juice - poured and served to us by our children.

We had time to color with our kids and/or play.  James opted to color.

Then we ended with our gift of a hand painted pot with some sweet flowers planted inside.  It was such a sweet time, one I am tremendously thankful for.  I rarely get time with just one child these days - and I savored every second with my sweet sweet boy.

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  1. Cute idea! Might have to share this with my kids' daycare.