Saturday, November 5, 2011

Squirrels - not your average vermin...

Anna made her stage debut this past weekend in the local Children's Theatre production of Annie, Jr.
She was cast as a NYC Central Park Squirrel.

 Are these not the cutest bunch of squirrels you've ever seen??

Anna was blessed with a wide fan crowd who came to cheer her on including....
 Madeleine, Ella Grace, and future husband Duncan (pals from her pre-school)

 The Bell Family - dear friends from church,
including little Dylan - who danced and clapped his way through the entire production.

 The Beautiful Blalock Girls

Her super-awesome teacher Ms. Duke.

Ms. Craft - her special friend whose relationship is so close and so wonderful
that I can't begin to explain how important it is to my girl's life.

Her awesome art teacher, Ms. Hansberry.

It was a great show.  Not only was the cast, talent, singing and dancing amazing (seriously - beyond amazing), but it meant so much to see my daughter showered with love and support from friends new and old, teachers, adopted moms, and her own extended family (Deonne's mom, dad, aunt and uncle attended as well). 

I often wonder how I'll ever make up the void in her life from the absence of my own family - if she'll see or feel the space left by my mom and dad not being there for the big moments in her life. 

It warms my heart to see such outpouring for her, and makes me feel a little bit better about the crappy hand my kids were dealt.

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