Sunday, November 13, 2011

Birthday Un-fun

So Deonne's birthday was yesterday.  Thanks to the EPA, I've been tied to this computer - writing and editing, researching and writing nonstop.  So that meant that Deonne had the fun of taking care of the kids all day yesterday.  While admittedly daunting to me - Deonne thrives when he has the Party kids to himself.  I think because he can really let go - have fun with them - be a kid - and completely ignore The List Of Grownup Things that needs to be accomplished on weekends.  Which isn't a bad thing - not at all.  I wish I could let go of the laundry, shopping, cleaning, picking-up and just have fun.  Unfortunately my OCD doesn't allow that.  Of course the house is typically a wreck when I come home after he's been the parent on duty - toys and games, food and crumbs, dishes in the sink, and dirty kids - but in the big picture, who cares, right?

Back to the point - yesterday was complicated.  Jack's been sick.  AGAIN.  Ear infection diagnosed last weekend.  Stomach virus that started Wednesday night.  Fun times.  A check to the MD on Friday showed that his ear isn't clearing up - so we've changed the meds - if he doesn't respond he's earned three shots of Rocefin and a trip back to the ENT for repeat tubes.

I'm not 100% well either, having picked up the kids' nasty cold that seems to be settling in my chest.  Add to the mix a strange/mean/competitive 'thing' going on between Anna and James and you end up with one sick and stressed out Mommy, one sick two-year old, and two bickering children.  Oh, and did I mention that the cat (the INDOOR cat) managed to escape outside - and when she returned home brought fleas into the house?  That attack Jack - making him look like he has chicken pox?

So.  Back to the birthday story ... I felt horrible that I didn't have time to do anything special for Deonne for his birthday.  The kids and I had managed to pick up a few little gifts that they were ready to give him, but that was about it.  Donuts are a big deal around here - so I woke up early Saturday morning and picked up Krispy Kreme for breakfast - including a special football 'do-no' as Jack calls it - for Deonne.  A few candles, 'Happy Birthday,' and gifts, and that was about it for birthday fun.

Jack gave Deonne a great gift later - barfing all over him when they were trying to watch the Carolina/Florida football game.  Awesome.

And Anna and James gave Deonne a lovely gift of fighting and arguing and exhibiting general mean spirited behavior all day - prompting several isolation periods to their respective rooms, at least one spanking per child, and lots of yelling.  (I know, I heard them from my sequestered 'office' in the dining room.)

Thankfully one of Anna's friends called and invited her over for dinner and to spend the night.  Despite it being Deonne's birthday, we gladly got rid of her for the night accepted the invitation.  Whatever tummy issue Jack had seemed to be better - so we tempted fate and went to 5 Guys for dinner with the boys after dropping Anna (per Deonne's request.)  Jack ate all of 1/4 of his hotdog bun - but at least he kept it down.  So far.

The highlight of the entire day was probably the trip to Rite Aid that followed - for new toothbrushes for the kids.  (I'm so OCD about that - whenever one kid gets sick - everyone gets new toothbrushes.)  The boys (all 3 of them) had a great time playing with those horrible mechanical stuffed animals - you know - the Christmas junk like snowmen and reindeer that move and sing and light up when you push the buttons. 

I think Deonne deserves a birthday do-over.  Which he'll get... after November 28 when this EPA deadline is finally met.

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