Friday, February 18, 2011

Daddy/Daughter Date Night 2011

Deonne took Anna on her annual Daddy/Daughter Date Night a few weeks ago.  Dinner at Nonna's and the ballet.  Although this is only the second year they have done this - Anna already cherishes it as a tradition.

We started 'primping' in the afternoon, with a bubble bath, blow drying, and curling her hair, then dressing up in a new dress just for the occasion (a steal from the holiday clearance rack at Gymboree.)

And then a knock at the door.....

It's Daddy!  With long stemmed pink roses!

This little girl adores her daddy!

But it's hard to be left out.  Jack had a very hard time watching his daddy and sister depart without him.  He banged on the door for a while after they left saying over and over 'I go!  I go!'  When he didn't 'go' he proceeded to fall to his knees, put his head on his hands, and wail.  (I didn't get the camera ready in time to snap the picture of him with his head in his hands - it was priceless!)

But he did perk up when I served the boys spaghetti for dinner. 

James did remarkably well - but he had recently gone on a boys-night-out (I can't really call it a daddy/son date night) two weeks prior.  His big outing was the monster truck show.  Something he and his daddy enjoyed together (and something I honestly have no interest in seeing.)  I sent the camera with Deonne on their adventure - but sadly - no pictures came home.  But he had a ball - and talked 'monster truck' talk for days and weeks after.  So he was fine with Anna going out - and was perfectly happy to eat his spaghetti, watch our new Netflix (Jack and the Beanstock) and cuddle with mommy.

Our kids are so blessed to have such a fun daddy who cherishes his time with his children.  I love that Deonne loves to spend one-on-one time with each child (Jack, of course, will have his turn in due time.)  I remember my own daddy taking me on a 'date' to the local Elks lodge when we first moved to Kennewick when I was a small child.  Of course, I cried the entire way home that I wanted my mommy - but nonetheless - I remember that one-on-one time with my dad.  I wish I could tell him now just how much that meant to me.

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