Monday, November 15, 2010

A Woodland Fairy Birthday

Anna's very good friend Ella Grace celebrated her 6th birthday on Saturday morning with a Woodland Fairy birthday party. I had the fun of helping the "Fairy Godmother" (Nici) plan and implement the party. The creativity came from Nici - I just helped put the graphics together and set up the morning of the party.

It was such a great event, and never have I heard nine little girls squeal so much. The fairies started the party of with a 'quest' to become a real fairy. In order to earn their wings, they had to complete several tasks - hunt for the ten tiny 10 fairies hidden around the property, create and decorate a fairy house for their little fairy, make a jar of magic pixie dust, and have their faces painted.

Upon completion, they would earn their fairy wings and wands, and then get to enjoy a spot of tea and treats, at a fancy tea party set up just for them.

The girls dined on Fairy Cakes (vanilla cupcakes with cream cheese icing), Pixie Dust Sandwiches (cheese or strawberry cream cheese sandwiches dusted with edible star glitter), Lily Pads (cucumber slices cut to look like lily pads and topped with cheese spread), Fairy Fruit Wands (grapes with honeydew stars), Fairy Tea Cakes (sugar cookies), and sip Lemondrop Dew (fizzy lemonade punch) or Mountain Spring Water.

The outdoor tea table was set with mismatched sets of fine china, linen tablecloths and napkins, roses, moss, and red toadstools.
Following the clues to find the secret fairies.

Squealing and flittering were the words of the day.

Creating magic fairy houses with jewels, flowers, and things fresh from the garden.

One of the clues the fairies-in-training read to find their tiny friends.

Fairy Anna adored this party.

And especially her blue fairy wings and painted face - which was completed by none other than the Fairy Godmother herself.

A lovely tea table for a lovely set of fairies.

Fairy houses set to dry.
This truly was one of my favorite parties that Nici and I have worked on together. From the invites to the stickers, the wings to the wands, the treats to the "Make Your Own Fairy Snack" station where the fairies could assemble their own trail-mix to take home - it was beautiful.

And best of all? The girls loved it. Especially the birthday girl herself, who beamed with pride at all of the decorations and activities as we were setting them up - saying over and over 'My Mommy did all this!'

Yes she did, sweet girl. A labor of love for her sweet fairy!

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