Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Let the Holiday Madness Begin!

The Holiday Season is now upon us - which baffles my mind and quickens my pace.  I often think of the newspaper cartoon "Family Circus" when this time of year rolls around - one publication in particular - where the kids are whining and complaining that it is SO LONG until Christmas, while the crumpled and defeated looking parents exchange glances of pure fatigue. 

As a child, I remember thinking that Christmas would never get here - that twenty-four days of December was an eternity ...  oh, how I wish for those days again.

So we started the season this past weekend by decorating the house.  I'm happy to say that with an exception of the 'live' Christmas tree that goes in our living room - our house is complete.  (Oh dear, I am forgetting the trees in each of the kids' rooms - something Anna reminds me of HOURLY - we'll hopefully get those up tonight.) 

It helped to have a set goal in mind - my friend Nici and I are hosting a home show for several local vendors on Friday - so I had the incentive not only to have a clean house, but also a festive one, and thankfully we were able to get it all complete.

 The kids loved decorating the 'family' tree in our den - James especially, who bounded back and forth from the box of decorations to the tree.  And the kids did a really good job of hanging ornaments this year - we didn't have to go back and 'respace' many of them at all.

Sunday afternoon we voyaged out to Uncle Harry and Aunt Mary's house to watch the annual Batesburg-Leesville Christmas parade in Deonne's hometown.

Jack loved sitting in the big chair with his grandpa...

...while this one scowled as soon as he saw me with the camera.  Sigh.  I guess we're entering the age of funny faces for this little boy - which I understand, but it makes me sad - I'd love to be able to capture his sweet smile.

At least this one still poses and smiles for the camera.  (Disregard the marks on her face - the one on her cheek is marker, while the one under her nose is from a mishap that happened when she fell out of a chair during a time-out.  Don't ask.  One for par around our house.)

 James thought the marching band was neat - but clearly too loud...

 And where else but Leesville will you see a modified airplane in a Christmas parade?

Or a tractor pulling a trailer of stuff that I can't begin to explain?

And as with all Christmas parades, this one ended with SANTA.  Just in case you couldn't recognize the star himself sitting atop his sleigh...

Oh, what a fun kick-off to our holiday festivities.

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