Friday, July 17, 2009


I was a girl with a sharp tongue. I was sassy - and would/could back talk to my mother like a pro. I had to get the last word in - no matter the consequences. I drove my father crazy. There were times he'd tell me to just stop talking. "Be Quiet" he'd yell at me. And I was stubborn. As a mule.

I was twelve.

Sometime in my mid adolescence I realized being sassy and stubborn got me no-where. Thankfully I found my filter - and learned not to tell everyone everything I was thinking at the moment I thought it.

Anna is a girl with a sharp tongue. She is sassy as can be, and back talks to Deonne and I with the ease of a teenager. She is strong willed. And stubborn. As a mule. She has no filter.

She's four.

We're doomed.

And I'm sure my daddy is laughing at me from Heaven.

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