Tuesday, July 7, 2009

4th of July Fireworks

More posts are a brewing with the fun part of the 4th, along with some old posts that haven't been published yet (Father's Day) - but suffice to say, this is how sweet Jack spent his first 4th of July - in the ER.
An odd rash began early that afternoon - that grew into angry red welts and progressed in size and number - a call to the on-call nurse from the ped's practice resulted in a trip to the ER.

Where the situation was exacerbated - and the ER doc who was great had to do his job of coming up with the worst case scenario and ruling it out.

So in the 9 hours Jack and I were there (alone for most of it) the situation progressed from yeast infection rash to systemic fungal infection (yeast that had spread) to being told we would be admitted for a minimum of three days for IV treatments while his blood is cultured to treat the problem, to a discussion of how he could have contracted said systemic infection (read - congenital immune deficiency syndrome) to finally being released by the on-call pediatrician from our practice (who thankfully stopped the nonsense.) We made it home around 3AM.

A follow up appointment the next morning with said on-call pediatrician revealed what Jack had was a virus that manifested itself in a rash - a second follow up with our own ped. yesterday confirmed.

So the diagnosis of a virus would explain why I had a fever of 101 on Sunday night, and why James woke up with a fever and vomiting last night.

Aren't viruses fun???

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